Jinwon Soul / Staff reporter 

Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, there have been changes for Gleneagle students and teachers this year. The teachers and students are happy to be back at school, but concerns follow because of the possibility of an outbreak. Grace Zhang and Teagun Young, grade 10 and 11 students, share their thoughts and feelings about the changes that have been made at Gleneagle.

Both interviewed students have said that they have mixed feelings about being back at school. Although they are scared and concerned about the possibility of spreading, they feel delighted to see their friends and feel connected again.  

“I think it’s a little scary because of how I hear the things on the news, and I am not sure whether something’s going to happen at school. On the other hand, I am kind of glad that we are at school,” said Zhang. “I think school is a better learning environment than home.” She also mentions that it is much more effective to learn at school than at home.

One of the major changes that have been made at Gleneagle this year is that they now have a quarter system instead of a semester system. Students have up to two to three courses to focus on per quarter, and each quarter lasts about eight weeks.

“The new system is easier to understand. It’s simple. We only have two classes, one that’s blended and one that’s face-face. This happens for 4 quarters and I think this is way better than last year. I like how we can just focus on two courses,” said Young, when asked what he thinks about the new system.

Another major change that has been made in Gleneagle is that there is a guideline that the students and the teachers must follow. It is hard to adjust to the new changes and follow the guideline at all times, but it is very important to obey and stick to the guideline for the safety of the community.  “All we got to do is wear a mask to school and make sure we’re not touching our face at all times. That’s the only way to keep everybody safe,” said Young.

Zhang says it is crucial to stay positive and hopeful to overcome the difficult situation. “It will get better and better if everyone is being extra cautious and responsible. I am still worried about all the people who are affected and the spreading because of going back to school. However, I am just trying to stay hopeful and look forward to what is next. If everyone follows protocols and abides by the new rules, things should go great this school year,” said Zhang, in an optimistic tone.