Carter Newson/Staff reporter

This year at Gleneagle will be different from most because of the COVID-19 Virus. Students must adjust to the new social distanced and cohort way of learning the school is adopting.

The school district has come up with a brand-new program to adjust to the virus.

Due to the current world pandemic, classes will be different from normal. Typically, students would normally have four 80-minute classes and two semesters. Now the classes will be longer and divided into four quarters with two classes in each quarter.

Students will have one morning class where they are allowed to remove their masks. The rest of their classes will have them follow all social distanced safety guidelines to remain safe. After October 16, students class times would be swapped and their morning class would have them keep their masks on while afternoon classes masks could be removed.

“We have to make changes to be safe, I think the ways we done thing are the safest way we could do it. However, it is a little unfortunate classes are at an accelerated pace now,” said Will Whitefield, grade 12.

“Now that social distancing is a thing. It’s taboo to even be near someone,” said Colin Doerkson, grade 11 when asked about the way classes are run.

Because of the shorter amount of class time, students will also have more homework than they would’ve years prior.

“I do better with more classes at a slower pace, but this way is a necessary sacrifice I feel,” added Whitefield.

The rules and regulations for keeping the students safe while in school are being adjusted as we go. For example, the staggered entrance where students would enter at 9:00am then another group of students would enter at 9:10am was eventually abandoned.

These times are very different for the students and the teachers. The school is doing what they can do to help keep students safe while making sure they are still learning.