Devon Jones / Staff reporter 

COVID-19 has taken over the planet, forcing people to use masks and practice social distancing to prevent further infection. In doing so, people have been getting angry with these new requirements. School has been changed, and many students are not keeping up with the changes.

A majority of school districts have had their classes split into two to three classes per day, with half of the days taking place online virtually to keep only 15 students in a classroom per class. Social distancing has made digital teachings skyrocket, with classrooms using apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom to meet and teach their classes.

Kids in schools across Coquitlum have their the preferences of whether they would like to be taught at home or in person, but some parents are also trying to adapt to this system. Some families live far away from school and need to drive their children because it fits their schedule ,or its too far to walk. On the other hand, some students are lucky enough to have a schedule at changes had very little impact.

 “My family and I were impacted very little, and the only adjustment we had was to wear our masks,” says Sarina Chung, grade 11. School clubs and sports were cancelled as to reduce the number of students in the building at a time. Clubs meant a lot to some students as it was a big part of their day.

“I find that the new school system handled the pandemic pretty well in regards of keeping us safe, but it did limit my social interaction with my friends by quite a bit,” Said Chung.  This new system is working for the most part, but Ethan Jiu, a grade 11 student, claims to be have had more trouble with online more than in person as teachers aren’t as available. 

“I do prefer regular school over online school because you cannot get help from the teacher as easily as before.”

During this time, if your ill in any way you are told to say home, and attendance is a lot more important than it was before the pandemic. Students who are sick are having trouble keeping up as they miss any quizzes or labs that take place in the classroom. 

“I can’t see my family because just like me my other family members are also immune compromised; I cannot be near my family nor my friends,” Said Emma Robins, a grade 11 student. People are not happy with COVID-19 as it requires people. To be apart physically from friends, but for a lot of people having friends close to them is what helps you get through problems. People may need to consider that this way of living may be the new normal,  and will have to overcome their social struggle in new ways while a cure is made.