Bodhi Jordan / Staff Reporter

As COVID-19 affects the world, the BC government has put in place a new system for classes to continue teaching. The quarter system splits every semester into two quarters, giving each student two classes every ten-week quarter. This means that each course is accelerated with additional coursework above the normal. Some students are feeling negative effects from the quarter system, while others are experiencing benefits from only having two classes, such as increased grades due to not having to focus on more than two courses at once.

Will Whitfield, grade 12, personally sees it as a necessary sacrifice for safety. He stated that while he has been feeling the impacts of the compressed system, he believes that the staff are doing their best to keep students safe. “Obviously they can’t be everywhere at once, so a lot of the responsibility falls to students,” said Whitfield.
Where Whitfield finds a problem, however, is in the non-mandatory masks in cohort classes.
“Masks aren’t generally made to protect the person wearing them, but rather to protect everyone around them. By not wearing a mask, you put the safety of other students in jeopardy,” added Whitfield. He also stated that nobody in his classes has taken off their masks, but people have been given the freedom to undermine the safety of the entire school.

Lauren Bingham, grade 11, also holds the same opinion when asked about the non-mandatory masks. “Who thought this was a good idea? I’m confused,” said Bingham. The consensus on safety in the school has been negative from the students asked, and there are concerns for safety and learning amongst students.