Josh Abel / Student reporter 

When Gleneagle opened back up, it implemented the quarter system which was a way to reduce class sizes and still have all the students in school. It consists of having the students normal class sizes shrunk down to a more compressed timeline. It reduces the amount of classes they have to go to and the amount of people they interact with. Some students disagree with the way the class times are handled and the amount of work per class time.  

Many students disapprove of the cohort learning and they believe they are missing out on the special things that make their final years so important. 

Going back to school inflates their risk of COVID-19, taking it from their small personal circle to almost 2,000 people. This abundance of possible infection not only affects them, it affects everyone around them, if they were to succumb to the disease. Being back students have already seen two cases at schools and one exposure case. In America, they have already shut down a lot of schools. With kids getting back to schools, some of them have disregarded the guidelines set in place for others safety. Which is causing more people to be exposed to the disease. 

The guidelines have affected students’ ability to see others, while this is not the main reason of going back to school. The mental health authorities of British Columbia advised parents that staying home instead of going to school might peak depression in younger kids.

Some students have said the school should have balanced the classes better based on homework. With the condensed schedule, students have more homework per day which puts a lot more stress on each student. Because of the compressed course there is more class work, so the harder the courses they have per quarter, the more stressful it becomes.

“It feels like we aren’t retaining enough information we are just learning enough to get by,” said Noah Breakspear, grade 12.

Cohort learning is disapproved by many students because they beleve they are missing out on the special things that make their final years so important. They also believe with the suppressed time frame, the school district had to come up with the idea. Students think they could have come up with a better way to have kids in school and still maintain there learning. Breakspear , also said, 

 “The middle rotation feels foolish and it is opening us up to more possible cases,” said Ben Heale Grade 11.