Nadia Hojjatpanah/ Staff reporter

B.C. schools were closed to in-class learning March 17 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. B.C. Premier John Horgan says some children will start to return to classrooms on a part-time, voluntary basis beginning June 1.  Elementary schools will be limited to 50 per cent in-class instruction, while middle and secondary schools will be limited to 20 per cent in-class instruction, or one day a week. 

The risk of COVID-19 spreading is decreasing fast each day, but it does not mean that it is completely gone, and is safe.

“I just want schools to check all the students before they enter the school for symptoms, and for all the students that are returning to school to follow the rules with social distancing, washing your hands, using hand sanitizer and wearing a mask at all times,” said Naimeh Ghari, parent of two daughters in this district, voicing many parents’ concerns.

“The last two months have been a challenge for all of us,” said John Fleming, Minister of Education. “Kids learn better around their peers.”

It is better to stay with the daily routines that all students have right now regarding online school which they have gotten used to during this two months of quarantine than to make it optional for them to come back to school when there are still risks of COVID-19.

Everyone needs to be accountable for all the generations, and it is safe for everyone to stay at home and not risk anything until it has been confirmed that there is no longer COVID-19.

“I believe that by re-opening schools, corona [sic] will spread again, and we would have to go into quarantine again,” said Omid Hojjatpanah, a concerned parent voicing his opinion.

Since there is a month left of school, it is not worth risking lives. Most of teachers and students have adapted to online school and have everything necessary ready. If we had more months left of this schoolyear maybe it is a better idea of sending students back to school voluntarily but as of now, we should keep to the schedule and the planning that we already have.