Abagail Staff / Staff Reporter

Schools all over B.C. will be making a 20% return as of June 1. This will look different for everyone as in-school learning will be voluntary.  

There will be strict safety measures in place to keep students and staff safe, but many still have concerns about those who remain at home and those who do choose to return. 

Class will remain mostly the same for students who choose to remain home, but students do not know how it will look for those who choose to go to schools. Classes will have to adapt for both of these groups of people which may prove challenging for teachers. 

Kellie Staff, parent and preschool teacher, states that “I don’t think there will be any academic benefit [as] online learning will still be the main education tool anyway”. Staff also has concerns about social interaction at this age since “there is much reduced social interaction anyway”. 

Tamara Hackett, Gleneagle student, states, “I have a feeling that the best friends and the couples will have a hard time keeping a distance from each other”. If people are disregarding social distancing it will become easier for the virus to spread, putting more people at risk. 

Hackett also has concerns that “the school won’t be properly cleaned.” The school will have to be cleaned very thoroughly so the virus cannot spread on surfaces. Students do not know how the days will be structured apart from the division of students by grade and name.  

The partial return of school is for the students. Hackett believes “it will benefit the students who need extra help in their ordinary lives and the people with learning disabilities” Hackett also believes that “[for] the people who are doing fine with online learning[,] it will be more of a burden”. 

“I don’t think there is any academic benefit” Staff stated. The gradual return of school is seen by some as unnecessary and dangerous but for others it is necessary to learn.  

This partial return of school is a beginning of a return to normal life.