School is the most necessary part of every person in the world, now that it’s coming back for the end of the semester, kids all around have their opinions for why they should or should not return to school during this crisis. Throughout the world classes for school have been held online using cameras and microphones to teach and hand homework out.

The principals of each school have made sure that during school there shall be very precise cleaning of hands before entering the building so no worries for infection can spread. June 1st will be the first day of this new schooling This new way of school is designed to be a method of readying for students and in September school will be full-time again. “These steps will pave the way for a full start back in September,” Said, B.C. Premier John Horgan.  B.C. Education Minister Rob Fleming believes that kids and many others learn better when in person than through a screen., and it has brought a lot more difficulty into the lives of the students. “The last two months have been a challenge for all of us,” Fleming said. “Kids learn better around their peers.”

There are students around the world who really like this new way of teaching because it reduces stress and they are in the comfort of their homes. But Fleming adds that some parents are finding it harder as they need to stay home to support their children and help throughout the day.

Safety is one of the biggest things to take with the biggest cautions, especially during this pandemic. School is one of the most germ filled place you can find with all the students roaming around touching doorknobs, faces and bathroom toilets. If we are to go back, every school’s priority should be constant cleaning and face masks. “We worked very hard to ensure that very high standards of health and safety were in place,” Mooring said. As a safety measure if any students or teachers are not feeling as good as they usually do, they stay home to reduce any risk of spreading sickness to others. Schools custodian’s half to work even harder and the schools are hiring more to keep us safe. Kids in class are spread out best as possible to ensure social distancing, and hand sanitizer is handed out during classes for hand washing.

School is one of the safest places a child can be, people will take care of you. During this virus, the schools are trying even harder to make sure your safe and educated.  Until September the school will guide us through the rest of the month and try to help us get through this time little by little, thanks to the brave teachers!