Kaden Mann / Staff reporter

Racism has become a growing concern in the community and at Gleneagle Secondary. Racial discrimination can negatively impact mental health, incite violence, and hatred among people.

Discrimination towards other ethnicities or a specific race are all definitions of racism. Many believe that there is only one “superior race” while other races are not equal. Different behavioral traits corresponding to peers’ appearances and cultural background are a sign of racism, making one believe their race has more superiority over the other.

The history of Racism has been around in many forms since the beginning of time. While education has reduced discrimination, the community is still not immune to have these issues. At Gleneagle, a student was in an incident during school hours where he was accused of stealing from 711. He was racially profiled and mistaken for his appearance based upon his skin. As the incident occurred to a classmate. The student missed half of his class and got behind on lessons all because he was racially profiled at 711. Studies of this type of racism was done by Carl James at the Faculty of Education and Department of Sociology at York University, shown in an article from the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Another incident occurred in Burlington, when the bus driver for Green Mountain Transit allegedly forced 17 students of color to get off an after-school bus, while their white schoolmates were allowed to stay. Says the mother of two of the students.

Recbecca Mack a parent of the student who was told to get off the bus stated that students were singing and clapping on the ride home, when the driver stopped and the bus and made the students of color get off. The incident can be found in an article from the VTdigger.

This was another example of racially profiling people of the community. Another example of this incident occurred in according to CTV News.

At schools such as Delview secondary school, Samiya Mahal, grade 9 stated that she hears comments such as “He’s Asian run away or we will catch corona.” A Similar state was made on The Verge that ” The New Coronavirus Is Not An Excuse To Be Racist.” from The Verge. Many people don’t feel confident or comfortable with their cultural background anymore. Students should feel comfortable with their appearances and not judged by others.

A community needs to build a safer environment for students and others. Community members need to be more aware of respecting other cultural backgrounds. Being respectful and treating all races equal should be a goal for Gleneagle and for the community to build a better tomorrow.