Lauren Tuck / Staff reporter

It’s no new news to hear that COVID-19, has affected many aspects of our lives in the past few months, and that includes travel plans to Disney Parks resorts. On March 12, the Disney Parks News Twitter account announced that they would be closing the Disney Parks on March 14 through the end of the month. The reopening dates have been extended multiple times on Disneyland’s website, currently predicted to be June 1 if all goes to plan. 

Many news sites have brought the attention of people to the closure, alarming them and causing them to reconsider making their trips later this year. This sudden closure has caused many people to have their own opinions and biases, and these opinions tend to bleed into news articles that have been written as well.

The Orange County Register released an article about an analysis report from J.P. Morgan looking at the closure from a revenue perspective. The article states that they estimate the closure of all twelve Disney Parks locations around the globe will cost Disney about $5 million in lost revenue for 2020. It also compares the closure dates and predicted reopening dates of Disneyland California to Disneyland Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Japan. This article does not state many benefits of the closure, more so focusing on the fact that Disney Parks will be losing revenue.

Business Insider’s article talked about how Disney Parks workers were given time off and how the workers’ union is handling this. Starting April 19, about 43,000 employees at Disney World will be furloughed indefinitely until the parks reopen. The Service Trades Council Union stated that employees will keep their medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits during the leave, as well as Disney paying for the testing of employees for COVID-19. This article mentions the benefits that employees will receive and how Disney will be working to keep their employees safe, going into details of what Disney is doing to help. However, it glosses over the downfalls of the closure from the perspective of a Disney Parks employee and how it will negatively affect them.

A pros and cons article from Ziggy Knows Disney goes over different reasons as to why one should or should not travel to a Disney Parks resort in 2020, linking to other articles they wrote to go into further detail into specific points. This article is written in such a way that the opinion of the author shines through very evidently. “My philosophy is seize the moment” the article states. “You don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so why put it off if you have the time and money to go in the near future?” The author does make some helpful points as to why someone should or should not go based on certain new attractions, events, and crowds, but it shows a bias that you should still have plans to travel to a Disney Parks resort location when it reopens.

While these articles seem like they are trying to present themselves in a non-biased sense, it comes off as if they are upset that the Disney Parks are closing, which many people are. These three articles look at the closure from multiple perspectives, but each individual article glosses over details that counter their points.