Liz Jung / Staff reporter

With COVID-19 spreading wildly within Canada, and the world, Canadians are starting to question if Canada’s response was wise.  As many people are putting up their opinions on Canada’s response to COVID-19, they all share a different viewpoint. Stephen Maher from Maclean’s and Lorrie Goldstein from Toronto Sun thinks that Canada’s response was very poor, whereas Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health, says that Ottawa acted on the best advice possible at the time during an interview with CBC Radio’s The House.

Maher from Maclean’s critiques the government’s response and where it has gone wrong. He compares the Canadian government’s handling of this situation with South Korea, a country known for one of the best responses to this pandemic.

In contrast, Hajdu says that the Canadian government took the best advice possible at the time.” As a Minister of Health, Hajdu’s primary job is to come up with solutions about this situation, but also to keep Canadian’s from panicking.

As Hadju being a Minister of Health and a public servant, she has the responsibility to keep the public calm, but also to side with the government’s decision. Infact, Hadju was directly involved in making the government instructions.

Also, Goldstein from Toronto sun, harshly comments on how poor Canada’s response was to COVID-19. She says that “every one of the problems they identified [from the 2003 SARS epidemic and 2009 H1N1 pandemic in Canada] has happened again with COVID-19.”

The bias in articles depended heavily on where they were in the country, but also their position in society. Both Maher and Goldstein are from Toronto, the second most affected province in Canada by COVID-19. Being so affected by the virus, it is possible for them to think that the Canadian government’s response to COVID-19 was very poor.

However, as a Health Minister, Hadju sided with the government, saying that it was the best it could have been done in the situation, trying to calm to citizens.