Minjin Oh / Staff reporter

Gleneagle’s Overwatch eSports team has started their season with their first game on February 20 against Centennial.

The team headed straight to Centennial after Block 5 in preparation to there game. Unfortunately, the Gleneagle team suffered a devastating loss losing the first two maps against the Centaurs.

Despite the loss the Talons still have high hopes for the team. The team will undergo some team bonding exercises hosted by Gleneagle’s Esports founder Sina Allen, grade 12.

Talons expect to come back a lot stronger in their next upcoming games. The team has started practicing a lot together since there loss against Centennial and are preparing heavily for there next game.

Members are getting to know each other and work as a team but are also practicing by themselves to improve their own mechanics and fundamentals of the game.

Games are hosted at nearby schools in the district on Thursdays after block 5. Games will not however be held at Gleneagle because of the lack of computers capable of running the game.