Nadia Hojjatpanah / Staff reporter

Murder Mystery is a unique fundraiser that is “designed as a fundraising evening for our musical theater and theater program,” said the organizer of the event Justin Maller, drama and musical theatre teacher.

This event was meant to happen on February 7, but due to conflicts with other events in the MPR for the musical department, it was postponed from February 7 to March 13.

“The murder mystery is connected to the musical. And this year’s musical is legally blond. So, the murder mystery will have a theme based on the sorority hazes at UCLA,” said Maller.

“We encourage the audience members to come dress up in their own personal costumes. Because there is an award for the best costume,” said Maller.

“Some of the prizes that will be given are tickets to the VIP nights or gift baskets that they create for them. There are also some nice bottles of wine since it is an adult evening,” added Maller.