Kaden Mann / Staff reporter

The Me to We club will be hosting a movie night on the April 3 in Gleneagles’s MPR starting at the end of block 5.

Students will be able to socialize among there peers and get treated with popcorn, while still learning the importance of this event. This movie night will help fundraise for the Australian Red Cross, for the aftermath and damage, that has created problems such as weather changes, wildlife recovery and housing for many people.

The movie will be based on climate change as a theme, playing Pixar’s Wall-E. This theme will relate back to the cause and fire because of climate change

The Me to We club wants to raise more awareness for what has happened and educate others of this cause

Grace Tognotti, grade 10, one of the main organizers of the event stated that “Even if social media doesn’t care as much anymore, Australia has a long way to go before they won’t need our help. This event is also raising awareness about climate change and how it is and will be affecting us all.”

By participating in this event, it will help spread and support to this fundraiser. “Our team hopes to plan an enjoyable school event for the student body that will also educate them about what is still going on in Australia and why their participation in the event is making a difference.” Tognotti stated.

Organizers of this event encourage students to participate as it will be making a difference towards the Gleneagle community, and those who are affected by the fire. Jewel Epp, grade 10, one of the organizers of the event stated, “Me to We knew going in to the planning of this event that climate change was (and still is) a topic many students at Gleneagle are passionate about fixing.”