Jackson Cyr / Staff reporter

Student council successfully hosted its first annual club forum on Wednesday, March 3.  

Student council received a grant of $250 from the school and decided to pass the money along to a Gleneagle club to help fund the club’s activities. The forum consisted of the Me to We club, Shelter Society club, Esports club, Green Team, and the Model UN club. Voting results were announced on March 4. Shelter Society won the forum.

The subject of the forum was why each club deserved the money.

Catherine King, grade 11, was the head of the planning committee for the forum. She said that the main reason that student council had decided to host the forum was because “clubs don’t get funding in our school” and that student council is supposed to be “advocating for student initiatives” such as those undertaken by clubs.

King also said, as leader of the Shelter Society club, that “a lot of our events have been able to happen because the executives use money out of their own pockets to fund them.”

This means that for clubs who do not have as much financial ability from their own members, their ability to host events is limited because they have no source of funding to support them. King was also hopeful that the forum was “a step in the right direction for funding of clubs at Gleneagle.”

Voting for the debate was weighted with a 50/50 split between the student body and five designated teachers, David Salisbury, Chris Turpin, Brittany Galliford, all socials teachers, Laura Croft, art teacher, and Michael Chan, vice principal.

Students were encouraged to vote because the participating clubs contribute to the school community, and council wants the students that make up the community to have a voice.