Kasra Esfahanian / Staff reporter

Intramurals is an event that happens every lunch except for Fridays and it is a way for students to do some fun activities at lunchtime and have been in Gleneagle’s culture for a couple of years. “Intramurals is a way for students to do some fun activities at launch time every day except for Fridays,” said Peter Poka, social studies and technology education teacher.

“So far this year we have done volleyball, soccer and we are doing basketball after those we are going to have badminton, dodgeball, handball or maybe flag football,” said Poka. All the sports happen in gym A and gym B every day at launch time.

In this event, teachers play different sports against students and compete to win. The teachers participating in this event are “Brian Unger [social studies teacher], Colleen Kennedy [mathematics teacher], myself, David Salisbury [talons and mathematics teacher], and Cam Comeau [physical education teacher] and any other teachers are welcome to come and participate in this event because we want to make a stronger relationship between students and teachers,” said Poka.

“I think this event is a very good way for both students and teachers to have some fun and also be in the school’s spirit and community and I am very glad and happy that I am participating in it,” said Unger.

“Intramurals is a great way to interact with students in a fun environment away from the structure of class settings,” said Comeau.

“I think Intramurals is very entertaining and is a very fun activity for students in launch time and it also is a way for students to show themselves to teachers and maybe have a chance to be in the school’s team,” said Kamyar Bagheri, grade 11 student. “I also think that it is very good for students to not always be in and education environment and try to get out of that setting and relieve themselves out of that stressing environment in their classes.”

“The purpose of this event is to give the students an outlet to have some fun but also to get in the school’s spirit and to be involved in the community and try to get a positive vibe around the school,” said Poka.