Carter Newson / Staff reporter

Later tonight from 4 to 9pm , Gleneagle Talons students will be hosting two fundraisers events for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter. One event is the second Glenfest, a district wide music competition, the other is a pair of escape rooms.

Ticket Prices for Glenfest can be purchased at the door, $5 with a student ID and $7 without. Doors for Glenfest will open at 6:30 and the show will run from 7 to 9pm.

Ticket prices for the escape rooms vary by room. Classroom Escape is $5 per person or $18 for a group of 5. Pyramid Escape is $8 per person or $25 for a group of 5. Tickets are purchasable at the door, but there’s a better chance to get a better time through booking online in advance. Escape Rooms are usable from 4 to 9pm. 

Talons students of Gleneagle continue the tradition of Glenfest, a music competition allowing individuals and groups in the district display their musical talents in front of an audience of their peers. Performances can include original songs as well as covers.  

Glenfest is an accessible way for aspiring musicians to have a chance to perform as well as branch out and express their passion. It gives performers the opportunity to get themselves out there and perform in front of the school.” said Jewel Epp , grade 10. Because of the variety, you get to see someone perform or meet someone you otherwise wouldn’t,” said Kayla Price, grade 11.

Glenfest is also a charity event raising money for the Eastside Women’s Shelter, students will have to make a donation as admission. The charity is about providing support and necessities to homeless women and children.

Escape rooms are another activity besides Glenfest. There are two separate escape rooms. The first room is pyramid theme, the second is a haunted classroom. The escape rooms hope to give people more variety in their experience that night. “We’ve put a lot of time designing them to make sure people have a fun time,” said Bodhi Jordan grade 10, escape room leader.

Production of the fundraisers began back in October. “We’re building off what we’ve been doing last year, and it went really well so we’ve been following a similar structure with of course some improvements,” said Amanda Cabralda, grade 10.

Tonight, is gearing up to be exciting. Students will have their chance to shine and find their way through puzzling escape rooms, all in the name of charity.