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Elliott Freeman / Staff reporter   

Due to a lack of player turn out head coach Nick Bolton, skills development teacher has decided to change into a sevens team. Bolton said, “we need a minimum of 19 player to have a regular 15s team” “the team will be made up of grades 10-12but mostly 11-12 with a couple of gradeto 10s who know what they are doing.”

The differences between a regular rugby game and a sevens style play is the games will be 14 minutes long as opposed to 80 minutes, there will be a total of 14 player on the field at a time with 7 player on each team, both styles of play are on the same 100 by 70 meters pitch. Since the sevens style games are so short the team will play a total of 3 games every Friday and will be hosted at Burnaby lake because of availability for times of field openings everywhere else.

Sevens is faster pace and a lot more open field type of play with lots of quick decisions and more passing involved which depending on the player will either make the game more interesting or seem less exiting as opposed to the regular 15s style. “sevens is definitely more fun to watch with a lot of open field tackling but it’s a very different style compared to 15s but if you like 15s then you will always like 15s better but it’s always good to try new things and get out there”

Gleneagle will be playing in the Fraser north district which will have Burnaby, Maple Ridge, and Gleneagle. “With the sudden change of plans to switch to sevens it has not spiked the interests of the grade 12s but certainly has caught the eyes and ears of the grade 10s and 11s because of the spike in turnouts at practices” “we do have more grade 9s interested but if they came out and actually saw it then we could probably get a lot more interested but its jus the matter of getting them out and see the game more” said Bolton.

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