Abagail Staff / Student reporter

Classes all around Gleneagle will be feeling the love today as the annual Talontines, the school’s version of Valentine’s gifts, will be delivered.
Students will receive chocolates or a rose along with a personalized card.
Talontines were sold by student council last week from February 3-7.
Students could purchase either a chocolate, a rose, or both and a personalized card that will be delivered today during block 3.

Michelle Yung, grade 11, who is a member of student council said that “Talontines are a good way to give back to a friend.”

Neeka Yazdani, grade 10, who purchased Talontines said that they were “pretty cool” and that purchasing one “shows active kindness towards classmates.”

To complete the purchase of a Talontine, the recipient’s name, block 3 class and teacher were needed.

Anna Her, grade 10, also purchased a Talontine and said that they “are a convenient way to get a nice gift for someone special.”

A single chocolate or rose were $3, and both could be purchased for $5.
Every purchase came with a card. This year there were two designs offered.

The first design had a dog holding a small card in its mouth with Happy Valentine’s Day written above the dog. Her thinks that this design is “very cute.”

The second design showed two fingers reaching for each other with a heart connecting them. Yazdani describes this card as being “similar to a cute romance book cover.”

Student council partnered with Me to We to use ethically sourced chocolates for the event.

Yung says that purchasing Talontines is a “great way to support student council”

the profits from these talontines are used to create them, the profits from the chocolates purchased from Me to We are donated to Kenya.

Yazdani said that these chocolates are an “awesome way to try something unique and show how you feel.”

Zackary Wilensky, grade 11, received a Talontine last year. He said that “it was nice to know that someone was thinking about me”, and that he “enjoyed the chocolate” that accompanied his Talontine

These cards can be purchased for any student, a friend, someone special, or even for yourself.

Talontines are sold each year around Valentines day.

These cards can be purchased for any student, a friend, someone special, or even for yourself. To purchase one of these the recipients name, block 3 class and teacher are needed.