It is that time of year for the Talons’ annual garage sale fundraiser. The big sale will take place on March 7, but additional donations to the fundraiser before then will be accepted in the school’s foyer from weekdays at 7:30am to 3:40pm on February 3 to February 27, excluding February 14 and February 17.  

In December, Gleneagle students started donating goods, such as toys, books, and utensils, to the team to be sold at the garage sale to raise money for a great cause. All of the donated items, whether they were donated back in December or throughout this month, will be brought together and sold at the garage sale. Every single donated item makes a big difference. 

All proceeds collected from this fundraiser sale will be given to Gleneagle’s Me to We to help contribute to building a brand-new school in Kenya. Kenya is a country in Africa where approximately 17% of the population lives below the poverty line, so many of the kids living there do not get the full care they need, which includes the chance to get the good educations that they deserve. Hearing about these children, Gleneagle students have come together and decided that they are going to contribute to helping these children get the education they need, one donation at a time. 

Students of Gleneagle who are not involved in the planning of the garage sale have also been excited about how it will go. “Before this, I hadn’t really known about the garage sale [until I saw the posters],” Fatima Tu Zahra, grade 10, says. “but I think that this is a fantastic way to raise money for a great cause.” Since students have seen the many posters around the school and heard the announcements made by the team, there has been much more awareness of the sale, allowing more students to get involved in the event. Don’t forget to do your part for the fundraiser!