Hadrian Lau / Staff reporter

A coffee delivery event between teachers and staff, Coffee On the Roll, have started their pre-orders sale on January 30th.

The Coffee On the Roll event was hosted by Nick Bolton, a skill development teacher. The students from the skill development class are arranged to make all of the coffees being ordered from the staff and teachers “with EA and teacher support,” Bolton said.

The main purpose of this event is “to let [skill developing students] learn how to make step by step products, and [gain] skills which are transferable to outside of the school,” Bolton said.

Jay Chen, languages and guitar teacher, also commented that “it was a great opportunity for not only skill-developing students but for any types of the students to try to make coffee.”

Another purpose is to fundraise for the skill developing department, in order to buy learning materials for the students.

The coffee needs to be ordered by sending emails to Bolton a week in advance. “It is a good way,” Chen said, “it is important for people to get into this habit.”

Each cup of coffee cost one dollar and 75 cents and there are two options of ordering coffee for the teachers and staff. 

The first option is adding money into their own account, for example, giving the skill development department five to ten dollars. Then “it will be added to the [individual] account,” Bolton said. For each time teachers or staffs want a cup of coffee, the cost will be deducted from their own account.

The second option is to buy a punch card for 15 dollars with ten cups of coffee. “[This] ends up being a dollar 50 cents for each cup of coffee and you get more than one cup of free coffee out from it,” Bolton noted.

Different time slots will be set up for the students from skill development class to go around the school to meet the teachers or staff who have ordered coffee to receive money and record what they want, “[skill developing students] can learn how to interact with customers and get more chances to meet other people,” Bolton said.

This event is having a test run till spring break, and it lasts until “people don’t want it,” concluded Bolton.