Wendy Yang & Zoe Gao / Staff reporter

The Math Contest will be starting on February 25th, and there were three contests during this year. The Grade 9, 10, 11and 12 students all can join the contest.

The Math Contest has a long history of about ten years in Gleneagle secondary school. At first, there were very few students writing the Math Contest, Ail Tootian; he is a first Math teacher in Gleneagle started to think about to set up the Math Contest. And Tootian in university, math will be fundamental, so he wants to improve math during high school for students.
Now the Math Contest Club will help the student to prepare the Math Contest, and make them feel better about the contest, also can make them as right as possible before going to the university.

The process of hold the contest is as simple as registering students in September for the entire year, knowing the dates of the contest. The Math Contest has three parts and costs 2 hours, from simple to hard, each section has different parts, and all the question on the contest is from the University of Waterloo.

So far, we’ve managed to get the money from the students as much as the contest required plus shipping and handling and then the registered students and inform students of the dates club prepares my practice sessions using captains for each contest. The day of the contest is unfortunate news because teachers to supervise students to make sure because of an idea of the students. All the rules and regulations of the country supposed to be followed, math contests and papers supposed to be sent the same day to be marked by the University of Waterloo and organizations that hold a contest. When Tootian received my marks back again, Tootian has to inform this.

Tootian said,” Every student is different views. This club and writing contest is for those who appreciate the most. They like to get involved in tough questions. They want to sit and think. And the finance of the chance and feel great about themselves. People that are getting themselves ready for an engineering course in universities before, then getting stronger and stronger.”