Zoe Zheng / Staff reporter

On January 31, Gleneagle International Community Club hosted their second Lunar New Year Gala starting from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the MPR. Students were able to watch performances, play games and eat traditional Asian food, such as dumplings and sweet soup balls.

This event is aimed to share Asian culture with all students at Gleneagle, whether they are Asian or not.

Sienna Liu, grade 12 and the International Community Club leader, said the reason she wanted to host the event was that she “hasn’t seen many activities in Gleneagle that are targeted towards celebrating cultural diversity in a community.”

Before the Lunar New Year Gala started, students could experience writing couplets and Chinese paper cutting, which were planned by Gleneagle Chinese Culture Club. This is the first cooperation between the International Community Club and the Chinese Culture Club.

“We think it is a cool idea because people can experience the culture through hands-on activities,” said Liu.

All the club leaders, members who showed their interests to lead the club next year and other members who were willing to assist in the event volunteered to do different tasks, such as setting up, selling tickets, serving food and making posters. 

“Club members have almost taken the full ownership of the event,” said Heidi Upton, International Community Club sponsor teacher. “I’m here to support their ideas.”

The club made some changes to this year’s Lunar New Year Gala. The club members were trying to get whole school community to involve. They also added some Korean aspects to the event as well.

“We really focused on the performances that could help people learn about Asian culture,” added Liu. “We selected our performances based on cultural elements.”

“The only thing I wanted to bring to audiences was happiness,” said Nina Lin, grade 12 and one of the performers.

Alicia Cheng, grade 12, who watched both last year’s Lunar New Year Gala and this year’s, thought there “were more snacks, and tables were decorated this year.”

The biggest prize for the game part was a Fuji Instax Camera. “I love the games we played,” added Cheng. “Even though I did not win the prize, it was fun to play and participate.”