Students will be seeing a lot of pink on February 23 when the annual Pink Shirt Day for anti-bullying occurs.

Bullying is a problem in schools, workplaces, homes, and online. Pink shirt day, also known as anti-bullying day, is a response to those who have been bullied or take part in bullying.

This yearly tradition has been happening since 2007, helping people around the world get along, serving as a day of joy for those who are being bullied.
The day spreads awareness in a fun and enjoyable manner. The event is hosted on the last Wednesday of every February and this year will take place on the 23rd. All that is required to celebrate is to wear pink attire.
Bullying is one of the world’s biggest problems as it can be done through not only verbally or physically, but online.

Much of modern lives’ time is spent online, so it is easy to bully somebody through social media. It is easy to think that online identities remain anonymous, encouraging offenders to carry their hurtful actions. The heartbreaking tragedy known as the Amanda Todd incident is a clear reminder of what modern cyberbullying is capable of.

Todd, a Port Coquitlam native, was 12 years old when an online predetor took advantage of her and asked for explicit photographs of her body.

Those photographs were used online to hurt her and threaten her. Todd made several cries of help including a video explaining her situation through written flashcards, but unfortunately Todd ended up taking her own life.

Pink shirt day started because of 2 students named David Shepherd and Travis Price, who stood up for a little kid wearing pink as he was being bullied for wearing the color. This took place in Canada, Nova Scotia in 2007. They distributed 50 pink shirts for others to wear. After the first week they had schools in Nova Scotia supporting the pink shirt cause. After the next week it had spread all across Canada. It  was posted online by a nearby bystander and it blew up online ever since. Now, the tradition is celebrated worldwide.

Everybody has most likely dealt with something like bullying, and there are some who think that children need to “grow up and stand up for themselves”, and there are also those who think otherwise.
But in the grand scheme of things pink shirt day may have great benefits. Just by participating on this day, students support their peers worldwide.