Zackary Wilensky / Staff reporter 

The senior girls’ basketball team had their last regular season game against Centennial on February 3. They had a very close game but ended up with a 38-33 loss.

As well the team played on January 30. They were playing against Terry Fox secondary. It was a tough loss for the team as the score was 70-26. 

The team also played Riverside on January 28. Another tough game and a loss of 81-29.  Their coach was not happy after the loss. 

“I didn’t feel like we had any work ethic on the court today. As well we had way too many passes being picked off. Our heads need to be up, so we don’t make these simple mistakes, said Katherine Bilan, basketball coach.

As the season is coming closer to an end, the team is hoping to apply the feedback in their final games. 

“I’d like to see our team improve on communication on the court and not being afraid of contact. We are a small team, but we can be strong and powerful to make big stops and take hard drives,” said Sarah Fong, grade 11.  

Teammate Nicole Comrie, grade 11, had similar thoughts. “Our team needs to improve on the backboard. Boards win games, as we a relatively small team compared to others so to lose defensive boards due to not boxing out is where we struggle to win,” she continued.