Ty Rillorta / Edge Columnist

Teens are still far from facing the consequences of this chemical that they inhale. Most of them would say that the benefits would enhance their way of living and their lifestyle.  

The only benefits from the perspective of an anti-vaper could be tranquil. Because of e-cigarettes being a recent invention, there is around no time of understanding the long-term consequences. With the latest variation of e-cigarettes, being the JUUL, some people think that vaping is harmless and won’t affect them negatively that much. The liquid inside a JUUL includes nicotine, which is a substance in cigarettes and is extremely addictive. “I just do it for the style of it, tricks and looks with it are appealing to look at”, said by an anonymous frequent vaper. 

A study performed by the San Diego State University found that there were many reasons why people started vaping, but a majority did it for a few reasons. About half of the people did it to cope healthier with nicotine addiction. but 21% had said it was to improve their social image. People do have enough knowledge of what the toxic chemical does to their body, but they are still consistent about it for their pleasure. 

“I don’t understand why people think it will show invigoration to their bodies, it will only make things worse”, said by an anonymous anti-vaper. Vaping causes you to crave more due to the addictive drug nicotine. This is a very toxic substance, it raises blood pressure and spikes adrenaline levels, increasing the heart rate which causes a higher chance of heart attack or strokes. “The feeling of it is okay, but I am aware that it is unhealthy,” said an anonymous student on and off vaper. 

The original intent of e-cigarettes was to give people an alternative to smoking; this was quite successful, as shown from the largest trial of effects of switching smoking to vaping conducted by the Journal of American College of Cardiology. The research had shown that after one month of switching to electric cigarettes, individuals experience healthier vascular health by a large margin. This was the hope that e-cigarettes will do, but now the youth are using them to start the ingestion of chemicals.  

With the discovery of the 15th disease caused by vaping, it seems that this epidemic will require more information and research to fully understand the effects of vaping and to educate the youth.