Elliott Freeman / Staff reporter

On June 21, 2004, a privately-owned company called Scaled Composites successfully launched the first privately owned space plane in the Mojave Desert to carry a human into space. This was the start of a large future industry of tourism in space, and is now a race between The US Space Command, Amazon, and Tesla.

Burt Rutan owner of Scaled Composites had an idea to create an easy access and low cost travel to space. Once Rutan succeeded it opened many business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors to the new world of space travel.

The new discovery didn’t come with ease, the project needed time, materials and funding with one of the key investors Paul Allen billionaire and cofounder of Microsoft. Allen saw this opportunity and wanted to be the first person with his foot in the door for the new generation of business and investing. He continued his vision and was working on a project to build a plane to bring people into space, in later years Allen passed away at age 65 on October 15, 2018. The project was continued to stay alive with later creators and investors.  

Elon Musk the creator of PayPal, tesla and now SpaceX launched his first rocket on July 14, 2009 and was a start of a new era for space travel. So far Space X has launched 10 rockets this year alone, this is a huge step from 2004 with only one private rocket and now one company has launched 10 times that amount in one year.

Amazons Company Blue Origins goal isn’t for tourism but to expand humanity into space and decreasing our population on earth to make it a better place for future generations. But Amazons main competitor is the united states space command who are also trying to expand into space for the better of humanity and to weaponize space too by creating a space force. “Our adversaries have had a front row seat in our many successes of integrating space […] and they don’t like what they see, because it provides us such great advantage,” Gen. John Raymond, leader of U.S. Space Command told reporters, “They’re developing capabilities to negate our access to space.”

There are many different reasons to explore space and all the ideas are based on affordable space travel so with every major company aiming for this goal is making future space travel a reality.