Eric Kim / Staff reporter

Wrestlers competed in their big tournament at Pinetree secondary on Dec. 13 and resulted in a few wins. Gabriella Cross, grade11, achieved 1st place with 3 wins in total, using 2 pins and a tech in the 57kg female weight class. Connor Rae, grade 9, won 2nd place in his male grade 9/10, 63kg weight class.

On November 8, a mini-meetup comprised of wrestlers from schools in SD43 happened at Pinetree secondary school.

The mini-meet was a way for wrestlers from the district to practice and test their abilities against each other. “Like the Icebreaker tournament, it’s going to be very casual and… they’re referring this  meet to a big practice,” said Brian Hunter EAL teacher and coach. Athletes Arash Safari, grade 11, Cross, and Rae attended. All three had no experience in wrestling but learned and improved lots during their first season of the season.

There are four members on the team, yet Nich Reyes, grade 11, didn’t attend due to a broken elbow. “Reyes had already injured his elbow but didn’t realize and he ended up breaking it in the last tournament,” said Shelly Adair, wrestling coach. “He’s not going to be able to wrestle for six weeks time,” said Hunter[FS1] .

The Gleneagle wrestling team does not have a coach and only comprises of 4 members which is why practices are held in Pinetree as a joint practice. “Glen doesn’t have a coach so by the rules that govern wrestling, the kids are allowed to come to a school close by and train with them” says Adair. Last year it was the same and the wrestling members would have to meet at Pinetree through public transport or other methods.

All the Gleneagle wrestlers are new and went up against experienced wrestlers during the mini-meet. “I didn’t think I’d have a chance against them considering what level they’re at, but it was exciting and I [could] see myself getting better” said Rae. Some of the wrestlers Gleneagle went up against during the mini-meet had previous wrestling experience and was therefore a challenge.

Athletes are now training to compete for the provincials in February where wrestlers can show off their full potential against the best competitors.