Ethan Jiu / Staff reporter 

On December 2, student council started off the holiday season with their annual winter formal where students danced and socialized with their peers. This year’s theme was candy land and saw over 300 students and teachers attending.  

At the dance students were treated to a free pop, a bag of popcorn, unlimited candy as well as a white lit background to get their picture taken by a photographer. 

A key difference between this year’s winter formal and past years was the addition of a real DJ by the name of Alex Rocco from a company known IDJ.  

The student council contacted Rocco through a Connor Gajdosikgrade 10, who also works at IDJ. 

A main objectives of the dance was for students to have fun. “It doesn’t have to go any deeper than just having fun at the dance because December can be a really stressful month,” said Jiwon Hwang, grade 12 and student council president. ”[Student council] just wanted to create a night of enjoyment.”  

Hwang explained that the event itself took over a month to plan. Student council spent a lot of time and resources to hire a DJ, provide free food and drinks, and create a photo wall for students to take pictures with their friends.  

All additional proceeds will be donated to the local food bank. 

The event took place in the gym area starting at 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m..  

Many students and teachers who attended the winter formal said that it was important for students to engage in events like this. “It’s important to build community and provide students with opportunities to build everlasting memories with their friends,” concluded Geoffrey Kehrig, graphic and yearbook teacher. 

Hwang explained that all the hard work put into the event was worth it because after all, the student council is truly a club made by the students, for the students.