The senior girls’ basketball team played Port Mody on December 6 and got their first win of the season 64-55. 

The team listened to the words of the coach from the last game and had success. 

“We communicated a lot better than the previous game which helped us both on the defensive and offensive end.” said Nicole Comiregarde 11.  

We worked harder on defense and did a better job of boxing out the rebounders. As well we were calmer on offence and took time to make the smart play.” said Rachel Wood, garde 11.  

The team has some goals in line for the future. 

“We need to continue to stay on calm on offence and work hard throughout the game.” said Wood. 

“We need to stay mentally focused on the game and not worry about the little mistakes. concluded Comire. 

The team also played Burnaby Mountain on December 3. The final score of the game was 60-49 for Burnaby.  

Coach, Katherine Bilan felt there was room for improvement after the game. 

“We needed to communicate more as a team there wasn’t enough talking going on.” said Bilan 

Even though it was a loss it wasn’t all bad. 

“I was happy with their defensive play next time we just need to adapt a little quicker to the other team.” concluded Bilan.