Amanda Palmatary / Edge Columnist 

Parents would stand on their porch calling to the kids who were playing outside unsupervised, telling them that dinner was ready. When did that turn into helicopter parenting?  

Parents are now so involved and protective of their kids. In the 1960’s to the 1980’s, a series of abductions caused parents to begin locking their doors and watching their kids more carefully. In B.C, eleven of the abductions turned into murder cases, according to a 2015 article written by Julie Lythcott-Haims, reporter for the Business Insider.  

Another reason parents have for helicoptering, is that they are worried for the child’s future. From 9/11 to the economy crashes in 2000 and 2008, the parents became characterized as helicopter parents, written in an article updated in 2018 for the Huffington Post, by Anna Almendrala, reporter for the Huffington Post.  

When 9/11 happened, parents felt the need to keep a watchful eye on who hung out with their kids and where they went.  

In the 2000s, when Generation Y and the Millennials were becoming young adults, helicopter parenting became normal for everyone, everywhere, also stated in the article by Almendrala. 

Though these character traits are not related, hovering has caused kids to have more anxiety about being in the world, possibly getting depression and ending up with having an unhappy family life.  

This leads to a lack of confidence around the peers that were raised differently, because they do not have the same initiative within themselves as those around them do. Being raised by parents that didn’t helicopter makes picking up on these quirks easier and they become much more plentiful.  

This feeling of anxiety that kids feel will cause them to be emotional around their peers because they don’t know how to deal with problems without having someone there to help them. Kids that were raised to be independent can make snap decisions on their own, they don’t need to have an adult with them to coach them through it, mentioned in the article by Almendrala. 

When family members tell someone what they want to hear, they go talk to someone who is blunt and won’t tell them what they want to hear, the kids become over sensitive and take lots of offense to it. Just by sitting back and observing, it is obvious among peers and friend groups. 

What parents do not realize is that they are smothering their kids, and not allowing them to experience the world as it is. Again, referring to the studies and surveys done by universities and colleges in North America (one of them being Indiana University) parents end up with kids that move out and do not know how to do laundry, cook or clean for themselves.   

Kids are now not allowed to leave their elementary schools on their own up until grade 3 without the parents being there to pick them up, and past that, the teachers will stand outside of the classroom doors and wait to see all the parents pick up their kids. 

However, the adults trying to protect us from the world is good to a point. If parents would show us how to protect ourselves, then it would be much more effective than being our shield. 

The worst part about helicopter parenting is that we let our parents do it to us. We don’t have a lot of say in how they raise us, but we can stand up for ourselves and tell them that we should learn to do it on our own.