Lauren Tuck/ Staff reporter

Gleneagle is a school with many opportunities in the arts, including 2D and 3D animation courses. There are multiple animation courses offered at Gleneagle, and in each course the students work on creating frame-by-frame animations. 3D animation consists of creating 3D models of characters and props from scratch to animate and use to tell a story, while 2D Flash animation is working with illustrations created by hand to create a sequence of images that play a movie when combined. 

As the end of the semester comes closer, animation students are working hard on completing their final projects. These projects are the result of many weeks of putting together their animations and finalizing details. With these projects, some students are able to have their animations entered into film festivals, potentially to compete against other students in the same category and win awards, but mostly to have their hard work shown off. 

Teacher Jodey Udell, teaches these animation programs and gets to watch these projects unfold. As one of the district’s animation teachers, he also gets a say in which of Gleneagle’s student animations are shown at the Reel Stars festival, which is the film festival that takes place in Coquitlam in June.  

“There is junior and senior animation, and film as well,” said Udell. “It keeps the kids competing so grade 9’s and 10’s do not have to compete against students [with more experience].” They want to make sure that some animations are not getting overpowered by animations with extra years of experience on them.  

However, for Reel Stars, they do not have junior and senior categories. “We have some specialty categories we will do [such as] craft awards for junior and senior, so art, design, [etcetera],” Udell stated. “But in general, all the animations compete against all the animations, and same thing for films.” 

There are other film festivals that student animations can be shown at as well where the organizations will ask Gleneagle to send in their best animations if they have extra slots available. Differing from Reel Stars, the teachers must wait for invitations to send student animations in. Films by students who did not get theirs selected can pay a fee to be able to have theirs shown at the festival. 

Animations are a great creative outlet for people who want to bring their art to life. These courses are opportunities for new and experienced alike, as they teach the basics while also letting students have creative freedom and express what they want to. 

“Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world,” said Walt Disney.