Abagail Staff / Staff reporter

The culinary arts program is an elective grade 10-12 students take to learn about making the food for the cafeteria. Students have the opportunity to make many different kinds of food.

The kitchen gives students experience in an environment similar to a workplace.

Daniel Kim, grade 10 and culinary arts student says that “it shows you if you should choose to be a chef”.

The class provides an environment that is “basically how it feels to be in a kitchen”, said Kim, this is one class that can prepare you for future work.

The kitchen has many supplies and tools to provide a hands-on and in-depth experience for students who choose to take this class. According to the Gleneagle website culinary arts provides “ a wonderfully prepared Entree, Soup of the Day, and Dessert of the Day” the cafeteria also serves “Beef and Chicken Burgers, a selection of Pizzas, made-to-order Paninis, Salads, and many other healthy drinks, snacks, and meals.”

Each class you are given a mark from one to five and these accumulate into your mark for the semester. You are evaluated by your punctuality and ability to perform in the kitchen.

Culinary arts is a class that teaches cooking skills in a professional environment. and utilizes these skills to create food for the school.