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Minjin Oh / Staff reporter 

With over 4 places just a 5-minute walk away, Gleneagle students have many options for lunch. Yet which ones are the best when it comes to taste, price, time and quality. 

Using a selection of different cuisine and ethnic options four eateries were chosen: Kaiko Japanese restaurant, Chicko chicken, the Sultan’s Donair, and Vesuvios pizza. 

The style of each restaurant is very different so let’s clear some things up. Kaikos provides great sushi and other Japanese dishes. Chicko chicken specializes in Korean styled fried chicken, the Sultans donair serves up great Mediterranean food while Vesuvio’s makes some of the best pizza in Coquitlam as well as other Italian dishes like spaghetti and meatballs. 

At Kaiko’s your most likely to get your food to go considering the shop only has a couple seats however that does not mean the quality is any lower than what you expect. The chef cuts up the fish right in front of you giving you an idea of what your food will look like before you eat it. The sashimi there felt fresh and the rolls were very neat and tasty. The prices for sashimi and rolls are relatively standard compared to other sushi stops sitting at a medium price point.  

Chicko chicken takes the longest among four, but you can call in beforehand to have your food ready to go as soon as you stop by if you don’t like waiting. Their food is always hot and freshly made and their chicken tastes just as how you would find them in Korea. And who said you had to have this food by yourself, they offer you lots of chicken per order, so sharing is also very convenient when having food from Chickos.  

The Sultans Donair makes good Donairs and make the food in front of you allowing you to customize your food to your liking. The food is slightly cheaper than Chicko’s, however the proportions are slightly smaller. The vegetables taste fresh and their varying sizes of donairs will satisfy your cravings. The food does not take long at all to prepare and you can save a lot of time eating here. 

Vesuvio’s provides the cheapest option on the list with 2 slices of pizza coming in at just 4 dollars which is less than half of its competitors. Don’t let the price fool you; their pizzas are great and come in hot every minute. They offer some classics like cheese and pepperoni but also add the twist and come up with creations like there Dorito pizza. Vesuvio’s also takes the least amount of time for your food to get ready and you will most likely be in and out in 30 seconds. Unlike Chicko chicken or the Sultan Donair Vesuvio’s has smaller store and usually has lots of people coming in and out so eating inside is not recommended.

In conclusion Vesuvio’s will have to be my pick for the best spot to eat, when you factor in the speed it takes for your food, the quality of the product and the cheap price point its hard to put anything else over it. However, if you have some extra change in your pocket you can opt to have something pricier such as one of Chicko’s combos, or a box of sushi from Kaiko’s.