Kieran Dixon / Staff reporter

ConX will be holding the first spirit week of 2020 from January 27-31. 

 ConX, along with the student council [FS1] have put together various spirit events through the days leading up to a spirit assembly on the Friday.  The week will consist of students getting to participate in spirit games and events with their peers, During the assembly students will get to participate in fun spirited events and games, the winners of the various events will be awarded points which will go towards a final secret grand prize, points are also awarded for participating in the events during the days prior to the assembly.

On that Friday there will be a grade colours day and each grade will be awarded points for wearing their colours.

Me to We has also put together a student fundraiser through the spirit week, in order to raise funds for a school in Africa. Students will be able to donate money through the week, during the assembly students can donate to groups participating in the spirit events. Donations to groups not only means money to a good cause, but it also means points for the grade with the most donations, so be sure to come prepared.