Social Studies

Melika Ghasemi Staff reporter 

Social courses at schools have helped students to develop their knowledge and achieve a higher level of education both during and after school. These courses have been useful for those who wanted to continue their study and major in law, Philosophy, and more importantly to get familiar with the history of other countries. 

Heidi Upton is a social 10’s teacher of Gleneagle school, and she uses different kinds of methods to teach Social courses to the students. She is amazed that each student learns and gets interested in this course in a different way. Upton also said that in the past, students used to learn and study through their textbooks and extra notes, but nowadays with the growth of technology, most of the students prefer to learn by watching educational videos on social media such as YouTube, Khan academy, Netflix and Twitter. 

One of the social students in grade 10, Eaton Smith, believes that learning through a movie is easier and more effective than just sitting for a long time at one place and trying to memorize thousands of events and battles’ dates happened all over the world. Smith also said that after the teachers used this method, students’ scores have progressed and even this year more students desired to choose and participate in social courses in grade 10, 11 and 12.  

On the other hand, study has shown that teaching by itself is not helpful and even worse, it may cause the students to quit those courses. In countries with advanced education system like the United States, Britain and Canada, teachers use the method of teaching through historical movies and practicing through several games for each chapter of the lesson like Kahoot to enhance the students’ learning and motivations.