Crom Cao/ Staff Reporter

Gleneagle will welcome a new principal soon. In December 10, Karen Jensen, who is our current principal, announced that the new principal’s name is Wendy Yu.

Gleneagle’s last principal, Ken Cober has been promoted and left Gleneagle in October 22. Then there is a temporary contract for Karen Jensen to be Gleneagle’s principal. According to Jensen, the new principle will sign up in the starting of the second semester in January.

Wendy has been an administrator at Citadel Middle as vice principal, and she was also at Harbor View Elementary as a principal. Now, Yu is the principal of Panorama Heights Elementary School.
Jensen expects to have a meet with Gleneagle’s and meet with students, parents and staff soon. She will visit Gleneagle and introduce herself in December or January.

What is more, according to Jensen, she would not make any huge decisions in Gleneagle because nobody knows what the new principal likes. She only stays in Gleneagle for a small period so she would maintain the original style.