Amanda Palmatary / Staff reporter 

The main feature for this year’s musical, Legally Blonde, set to premiere in early May 2020, is the choreography taught to the performers by Madison Simms, choreography teacher.

With the show dates slowly creeping up on the performers, their dance routines are becoming involved and the cast is feeling the energy within the dance numbers.  

“Learning the tap dance is difficult,” said Tori Kazemir, grade 12 and lead in the musical, “I’ve never done any tap or anything before, so it was really hard but really fun to learn some tap components.” Kazemir does musicals out of school that involves dancing. “I never did a whole lot of dance outside of school… dance is always the part of musical theatre I’m working harder at,” Kazemir stated. 

Some of the dance routines are difficult to do because of how involved they can be, the cast believes. Emily Lawson, grade 11, says, “I’ve never been a dancer, so a lot of the choreography is really challenging, but Madison and the rest of the class are really cool, so it isn’t too hard to learn.” 

Leah Egery-Haley, grade 11, loves doing the choreography. “It’s really great to be given an opportunity to express oneself through dance in a course.” Egery-Haley enjoys the dancing and likes Simms, the instructor. “Madison is all around awesome… she’s a really fun person to work with,” she said. 

One number may be longer than another or may have more energy involved. Some numbers require the entire cast, whereas others do not.  

The general consensus of the cast is that the tap routine is hard to learn if you do not have any tap experience. Egery-Haley has been dancing for years out of school and even she admits that “tap is an incredibly difficult type of dance to learn.” 

When the cast is not working hard at dancing, they go to the choir room to practice their vocals with Justin Maller, drama teacher and musical director. This gets them familiar with the songs. Maller wants the students to be used to the songs before they begin blocking them on stage. When they are blocking, or figuring out where each actor should be, it could help the cast to know the song they are working with. 

The cast believes this show is full of energy and cannot wait to perform it, to the students and staff members of Gleneagle.