Artiz Buldain Alvarez / Staff reporter

The 7th edition of the Talons tip off  basketball tournament took place in Gleneagle last Friday and Saturday, November 29 and 30, featuring grade 9 and Junior boys teams. 

Even if neither of the teams won the majority of their games, both coaches thought the tournament helped improve the chemistry between the players, making the experience useful for upcoming challenges. 

The grade 9 team faced the tournament after winning its previous two games of the season and had to play against Charles Best, Maple Ridge and David Thompson Secondary. 

The game against Charles Best was decided after a double overtime, Charles Best took the win by a single point.  

After that game, Maple Ridge defeated the Talons and, according to Jason Bingley, coach of the team, the difference between the conditioning of both teams played a big role. as he said that “Maple Ridge was a big physical team…. This tournament [hopefully mad] the boys realize the commitment that needs to be taken to become more than just an average athlete…”   

Even if David Thompson Secondary also won the game against Gleneagle, Bingley showed optimism because of his team’s performance in the second half, where the team improved their playstyle compare to the first. “They were able to reset themselves and realize that through things they can control, like their effort, their character, their determination [that] they could compete with a pretty good team and outscore the other team [David Thompson] in the second half.”  

The Junior team started the tournament with a win against Charles Best, followed by two losses against Riverside and David Thompson, in which according to Roberto Arciaga, coach of the team, were really close games. 

Arciaga was happy with the way the tournament affected to his team’s chemistry. “They got to play together, they got to know each other as a team, we hung out for 2 days and we bonded.” 

Arciaga also seemed enthusiastic with the possibilities of victory for the upcoming season, mentioning that “I expect to be in the [district championships] competitively and I think we’ve got a good chance of winning some games.”