Jackson Cyr & Noah Breakspear / Staff reporters

On November 27th, 2019, The Talons gifted program presented their eminent projects at the annual Night of the Notables. Over 200 people attended the event, giving the Talons students a full audience for their performances. 

The event began with speeches by grade 10 Talons students presenting speeches in their eminent personas, highlighting the accomplishments of their chosen person in just two minutes. Furthermore, all Talons students must accommodate their chosen notable with a learning centre that shares more in-depth information that parents, teachers, alumni and other audience members can learn about.

Grade 9 student Evan Owens, participating in Night of The Notables for the first time, said “One major skill I learned through the weeks leading up to Night of the Notables is identifying eminence in people”, as students must immerse themselves into the life of their person in order to appreciate their person’s prominence.

Additionally, This year’s edition is different from past years as for the first time, students have the option to choose those who are currently becoming eminent, such as an environmental activist, Greta Thunberg. “I chose Greta because she is brave enough to go in front of people, and because a lot of people know about her, but they don’t understand the idiosyncrasies behind her actions as a climate activist” says Kathryn Matheson, a grade 10 who showcased Thunberg on Wednesday night. Having the opportunity to present a younger notable allows students to recognize the upcoming of youth impact on global issues and their perspective on modern society.

Nathan Morris, the Talons English and Social Studies teacher stated that from doing the project, students gained experience from using “all the core competencies, and the English writing revision processes. He added that “it’s the time when leaders begin to trickle through” as new students begin to apply their leadership skills to cultivate a successful event.

Grade 10 Grace Tognotti, indicated she felt “the first time around, I didn’t take full advantage of the project”, and was grateful to be able to do the project a second time around, as she could apply the knowledge she gained from the previous year’s event. She also said that choosing “someone from a different time who had a lot of societal pressures” helped her understand how norms and values have changed over time.