Charlotte Gao & Ethan Jiu / Staff reporters

Hockey player and grade 12 Gleneagle senior Jenna Buglioni’s hard work finally pays off, after earning the National Buckeye Scholarship for non-Ohio residents. The scholarship promises $13,500 ($54,000 four-year value) and only five people were to be permitted for 2020.  

Buglioni first started playing hockey at the age of five, but now she spends nearly ten hours a week practicing for games and training in the gym. She has also started coaching, which greatly motivated her. “Seeing how the younger girls look up to me, really helped me push forward,” Buglioni said. Buglioni’s family have sacrificed time and money to support her so that she can get to where she is today.  

There were a couple other schools that Buglioni looked into, but the Ohio State University gave her the best offer. When she first realized she had won the scholarship, she felt very accomplished. “Because all of the hard work I put in, I felt like it was starting to pay off,” said Buglioni.  

Buglioni learned a lot from this experience, but the most significant thing she learned is how to persevere, “when it’s something you really love and have passion for, you can do anything you set your mind to, it doesn’t matter who you are or where are you come from,” stated Buglioni.  

Although many reasons have encouraged her to keep on playing hockey, her relationships she established with coaches and teammates are the most important. “I just remember being a little girl, going on the ice, and I just always played for her; even if the games get tough, what I look back into is my love for the game,” explained Buglioni.