Zackary Wilensky / Staff reporter 

The senior girls’ basketball team play their first game on December 3 at home against Burnaby Mountain. 

The team has a new coach this season, Katherine Bilan. Bilan was a former Gleneagle student and team member. 

Last season the team made it to Fraser Valley’s but with horrible weather the team was unable to make it to their game. That was the end to their season.  

Currently the team is practicing four times a week to prepare for their first game.  

“The team is working on getting out of a defensive press, this will be key to winning games,” said Bilan. 

This is what the girls feel they need to achieve to win their first game. 

“What we need is commitment to the team, with having only having two subs and four practices a week we need everyone there for practice to win.” said Sarah Fong, grade 11. 

We truly need to improve on our communication. Our team has been working very hard on fitness so in order to win we need to see that in game and be communicating.” said Claire Plesko, grade 11. 

This year the team is running a short bench with only seven players. 

“A short bench will be tricky, and it means we can never get lazy. We must keep our stamina up to be able to compete at the level of other teams.” said Plesko 

“We may be a small team, but we all have big hopes for us.” said Fong.