Zoe Zheng / Staff reporter

Me to We will host their seventh annual coffee house starting at 7 p.m. in the MPR tonight. All proceeds from the event are going to build a $10,000 primary school for Kenyan children.

The annual event allows community members to come together for a night full of musical talents and develop a better understanding of the cause Me to We is supporting.

Susan Priestly, home economics teacher and Me to We sponsor teacher, said that coffee house “gives an opportunity for students to hold an event on the Friday night and ask their friends to come and see students’ performances which are usually amazing.”

The purpose of coffee house is to support WE Charity, an international organization that builds and connects a community of humanitarian groups all across the world to support those who are living in poverty.

Last year, this event alone raised over $800 for education towards Kenyan children according to Jiwon Hwang, grade 12 and Me to We co-leader.

This year’s theme is Spring Garden and there will be floral centerpiece, fairy light, and even plants will be used as decorations.

Many members volunteer to set up, clean up, be a server or be part of stage crew.

“We have many members who volunteered in this event before,” said Kathryn Welsh, languages, Spanish and EAL transitions teacher and the other Me to We sponsor teacher. “So we have a lot of experienced members to ensure the event’s success.”

For this year’s performance, there will be not only singers and instrumental talents, but also a musical ensemble made up of six different instruments.

There will also be a group song at the end highlighting all the performers. Welsh believes that a wide variety of students from grade 9 to 12 “are able to demonstrate their talents in this event.”

“I want to perform for coffee house because of its good cause for raising money for education in Kenya,” said Victor Bello Conceicao, grade 12 and coffee house performer. “Also, it’s my grade 12 year, I want to do something memorable.”

Me to We is making a change to this year’s coffee house based on a feedback from last year’s attendees. They will be serving a lot more food items so that there can be more of a balance between sweet and salty.

“One challenge that we met this year was the lack of money sponsorships,” said Hwang. “As coffee house is held annually in November, many stores have already met their quote on their yearly sponsorship.”

“Thankfully, many volunteers have stepped up to bake and our sponsorship committee has been very consistent and persistent in their efforts,” added Hwang.

Ticket sales started on Nov 26-29. Tickets for students were $6, and adults were $10.

“It sounds like a fun place to go, and talented performers attract me most,” said Tarannom Asadi, grade 11.

This year the club has divided 80 members into 6 committees which are: logistics, marketing, design, performers, foods and sponsorships.

“We have leaders who are very passionate and excited about coffee house. They invest their interests and love seeing the success of this event,” said Welsh.

Tickets for the event will also be available at the door.