Evan Tseng / Staff reporter

With the semester passing its mid-point, Gleneage’s gender sexuality alliance (GSA) are planning big things. Presentations to career life education (CLE 10) classes are on their way and new leaders for next year are already being considered. 

Starting in early December, Gleneagle’s GSA will be delivering presentations about LGBT topics to CLE 10 classes throughout Gleneagle. These presentations will go over topics such as LGBTQ issues in the workplace, intersectionality, LGBTQ history, and gender identity. 

The GSA have been responsible for these presentations for six years and plan to keep it up for as long as possible. 

Jay Hamidova, grade 12 and co-leader of the GSA, said that although they always go over the basics of understanding the LGBTQ community, they were putting more emphasis on workplace etiquette in the presentations this year.  

Hamidova said that they were trying to “really push for the inclusivity agenda” and recommend a, “if you don’t understand it’s fine, [just] ask” mentality in the presentations. 

Charlotte Alexander, grade 12 and co-leader of the GSA, said that they wanted to “equip people with the knowledge they need to continue as open-minded individuals” through these presentations. 

An emphasis on intersectionality will also be included as they feel it is a concept that is not widely known and important to understand.  

The basic explanation of intersectionality according to Lexico.com is “The interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group.” For example, the disadvantages faced when being a person of color as well as identifying as LGBT compared to simply being a person of color. 

Hamidova said that they were trying to “skew away from dehumanizing intersectionality” and give a general understanding to the audiences. 

Both Hamidova and Alexander expressed excitement for the selection of future GSA leaders. Hamidova said that they were “giving opportunities to get up and lead” and she was excited for the future of the club. 

Alexander recounted that the club had been “revamped” in the past few years and that there are more committed members than ever.  

Alexander said that “[in] past years, people didn’t show [up] much.” She explained that this was due to factors such as previous leaders being exclusionary to allies, lack of understanding of trans issues, and leadership conflicts mostly in her grade 10 year. 

Both Alexander and Hamidova have been leading since grade 10 and “want to go out with a bang” according to Alexander. 

Hamidova expressed excitement with the potential breakthrough of multi-stalled gender-neutral bathrooms but said that the switching of principals to be a major roadblock. However, Hamidova stayed hopeful stating that “this year will leave a legacy” if they achieve their goal. 

GSA meetings are held at lunchtime every Thursday. All LGBTQ members and allies are welcome to join.