Charity collaboration hoped for December

Alex Zhang / Staff reporter

On November 13, four staff members met to discuss the planned Christmas time charity projects. Attending were, food drive coordinator Kelly Cooper, leadership teacher Adam Hayes, student council sponsor teacher Peri Morenz, and Me to We sponsor teacher Susan Priestly.  

Cooper organized the staff meet in hopes of achieving better coordinated fundraisers through the meeting. “It’s because the food drive didn’t happen the year before last,” said Cooper. “We want to make sure that it’s not missed again, because it’s very doable and has an immediate impact.” 

The school wide food drive will run from December 9 to December 20. Students and staff are encouraged to support their community by bringing in non-perishable food and cash.  

“Donating cash is particularly helpful,” said Cooper. “Every dollar that [is brought in] is given to neighborhood grocery stores and allows one dollar to have two times the purchasing power.” 

Me to We club has commissioned the help of student artists for a student art sale fundraiser, happening during the last week of December. All proceeds go towards funding future Me to We charity projects.  

Senior leadership will be hosting pancake sales at lunch in the kiosk from December 11 to the 13. The charity will help teens in the BC children’s hospital. 

“What’s important is that our students learn at a young age to pursue the things that matter to them, that’s in a state of giving,” said Hayes. “And, it’s because they care so deeply about it that they’re willing to do it.”