Jake Kim / Staff reporter

The winter formal is going to be held on December 10 in the gym. The theme of the winter formal is going to be Candy-land. It was chosen by the student council, and they expect high attendance.

The student council chose the date for one of the biggest events of the year to be December 10 for the convenience of the students.

“We chose December 10 so that it’s in the middle of the week so that hopefully most people can show up and make it,” said Elaine Xiao, grade 11 and student council executive.

 “December 10 is not right before the winter break but it’s like right before the finals and everything so people can have little bit of fun before they have to go study for their test.” Xiao added.

Alex Simpson, grade 12, has expressed his thoughts about the date of winter formal, “The date of winter formal is actually a really good date because it is not right before the break so we have little bit of time to chill out and relax although I think it should be on the Friday just so that students don’t have to worry about the school the next day.”

As they predict the date is good for students, the student council expects high attendance. “We do expect a lot of people to show up. This year we are targeting international students, because I know that lots of them want to attend, but they don’t know about it. So, we are trying to communicate with them more and hopefully there will be a really big turn out this year.” Said Xiao.

“It is very popular every year and we expect 200-250 people in attendance,” said Jiwon Hwang, grade 12 and student council president.

“Our decorations will be geared towards gingerbread cookies, candy canes, lights and more.” Said Hwang

“We are working towards a candy bar, which is free upon purchase of a ticket, and popcorn and [soda] will also be given out for free after entrance to the dance. Also, we have listened to the student population and have added a photo shoot area, which is separate from the photo booth that we rent out, so that students can have high quality photos to post on their social media.” said Hwang.

“I think that a Candy land is a very interesting a theme for winter formal and I’m excited to see what It will look like although I don’t know if I’m going to winter formal,” concluded Simpson.