Robert Jang / Staff reporter

With a smaller team than in previous years, the Junior girls basketball team started practicing on October 11 to prepare for their first game at home against Burnaby Mountain on December 3.

There are only 9 players on the team as a limited number of girls showed up for tryouts.

Mikaela Bordignon, 2018 graduate and current Capilano University student was appointed as the head coach this year.

Grace Coffey, grade 10 and team member last year said, ”I think there is not enough people [compared to] last year, So I don’t think it’s really reached full potential right now.”

 Amelie Breiholdt, grade 10 team member said that most of the girls are playing other sports, but they do not have a lot of time, which sometimes does not allow them to show up to practice.

Both Breiholdt and Coffey feel they need more practice time as whole team.

Bordignon describes the team as hard working and she feels lucky to have a group of diligent girls on her team

Breiholdt said, “The strong point of the team is our positivity and ambition to get better, we all know each other very well, if somebody is not good at some skills, we [give] feedback, and help each other.”

Breiholdt also commented that they were having a difficult time as they did not know how many players they would have on the team.

Bordignon added that, “They are a young team but with time, they will develop their skill and knowledge about basketball, and the strategies that we use in the game.”

“I appreciate everyone who is supporting us, and please keep supporting us,” Coffey concluded.