Nadia Hojjatpanah / Staff reporter

There are a few art clubs such as Photography, Creative Painting and Dancing.

Creative takes place in room 106 on Mondays after block 5. In this club you can explore new ways of painting, using different materials. And Finally completing one to five works with themes and meaning.

The dancing club welcomes all students who love dancing and want to learn, share their passion, and experience for dance.  It’s a place for students to dance and have fun as well as learn new dances. This club takes place in the drama room 131 on Fridays after block 5. 

The photography club does “a number of different things, right now we are organizing field trips for all of the photo classes. They also set up Instagram, they set up competitions, so they celebrate the competitions and decide and judge who wins. They also learn different things, so some people want to learn how to use a camera, we have done some green screen work, we do some fashion work. So, we do a bunch of different things and then of course we talk about photography,” said Karen Learmonth, English, Visual Arts teacher.

Learmonth said how starting the club a few years ago was “very challenging because most students were in their first year, a lot of grade 9s, and a lot of students actually have never used a camera before.”

“It opens different career paths for other people. It also help people see things through different lenses and I think it’s just eye opening,” said Jayden Caisley, grade 11 member.

In the future, the Photography club is planning on going on a trip “to Richmond there is a studio there that has this thing called the infinity mirror, so it looks like you’re going back into infinity and they have cool props and stuff. So, the students are trying to fundraise for that,” Learmonth also added that “starting next week they’re going to be selling cookies and then they’re going to sell their images. We are going to have something like café press where you can like go buy their images on a t-shirt or a hat or a bag.”

Last year 30% of the kids’ photos were for the yearbook. They went and did sports photography and used them in the yearbook but unfortunately, the photography club does not help with the yearbook this year.

Most of the clubs enjoy having a large number of members but Learmonth said how “you don’t get to know them like I’m happy if we got up to like 30 that would be almost getting too much. Yes, it would be cool to have 10 or 15 more people but if u have too many u can’t actually get as much done.”

Caisley suggested to “try hanging some posters around the school, maybe have it on the daily announcements,” in order to expand the popularity of this club.