Volleyball season ends for senior boys loss to Centaurs

Gleneagle’s senior boys’ volleyball team ended the season with a record of 1-5 after losing 1-3 to the Centennial volleyball team on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 and lost all chances to proceed further into playoffs after being defeated 0-3 by Heritage Woods on Tuesday October 29. 

Despite the rough season, this year serves as a learning opportunity in terms of the growth and development for “even though our season hasn’t been full of as much victory as anyone would hope, I’ve still been really proud of the group they’ve made,” explained Daniel Beley, team coach. 

The senior boys have been vigorously training for each game this season, explained coach Beley. Even when they lose games, they learn from their mistakes and come back stronger  “We can see where they’ve come from in their first game, versus how they played on Tuesday against Centennial; they have become such a(sic) adaptable and lively team and I am very proud of that,” added Beley.  

Like any sport, the competitions are only part of the experience; most of the efforts are put into the practices because “a lot of the crazy things happen during the practices and we’re just further developing our skills and bonds,” said Jason Liao a member of the senior boys’ volleyball team.  

The players of the team made great effort to make it this far into the season, they have shown improvement between games, and each member’s effort motivated other teammates to try harder and step up their game. “We came since grade 9, after all these years, we finally have respect for each other, knowing how to play with each other, which makes a huge difference in our games as well,” said Liao. The season may have concluded, but the lessons learned will not be forgotten.