Melika Ghasemi & Zoe Zheng / Staff reporters

Students will be safely kicking and throwing punches as the kickboxing club enters its second year under the instruction of vice principal Michael Chan.

Kickboxing is a sport developed from karate mixed with boxing. “It is something that [students] can carry on for the rest of their lives,” said Chan.

Chan provides equipment for students and teaches them techniques and strategies. Students take turns in holding pads for each other to practice.

“Teaching kickboxing is the best part of my day,” said Chan. “I can hang out with kids and learn a lot from them. During a regular school day for an administrator, you don’t get that kind of time with students.”

This year the amount of participation in this club has increased slightly to 30 students according to Chan.

Kickboxing is a way to release stress and throw frustration. “It is a very supportive community,” said Sophia Guan, grade 12, a member of the club. “It is not very competitive. It really focuses on self-growth,”

Emma Luo, grade 11 member, said that it is “is fun and cheaper than other clubs outside Gleneagle.”

Chan has made some changes to this year’s club. He trains last year’s members to become leaders, so the club can maintain itself for years to come.”

“It is more organized this year,” said Matheus Zhu, grade 12, the co-captain of the club. “Many people who joined this year fits in quickly.”

The club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after block five. It runs year-round, so students can join at any time. Parents must sign a form to give permission which students can get from the front reception desk.

Chan calls on more students to join the club because “Gleneagle Kickboxing Club is awesome and you are surrounded by a bunch of people that will support you.”